Thomas Kiss, MD

Anesthesiology Specialist

University Hospital Dresden, Germany

Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine



About Me

Rien ne sort de rien.

I am an anesthesiology specialist at the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine at the University Hospital Dresden, Germany.

Currently, I work in the operating theatre, emergency medical service and in medical research.

Some More

I am interested in the development and evaluation of new and innovative forms of mechanical ventilation, with a focus on the therapy of acute lung failure (ALI/ARDS).

I conduct research in experimental animal models as well as clinical trials in the operating suites and intensive care units at the university hospital. I am a graduate of Leipzig University, School of Medicine, Germany. I started my medical education at the Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary. Prior to my employment in Dresden, I also worked in the major Hospitals of Liestal, Solothurn and Basel, Switzerland and Leipzig, Germany.

Personal Information

Name: Dr. med Thomas Kiss

Date of Birth: 30.07.1976

Place of Birth: Hamburg, Germany

Citizenship: German

Languages: German, English, Hungarian, French

Professional Experience
Resident Anesthesiology, Hospital of Liestal, Switzerland
Resident Internal Medicine, Hospital of Solothurn, Switzerland
Resident Anesthesiology, Heartcenter Leipzig, University of Leipzig, Germany
Resident Anesthesiology, >University Hospital Basel, Switzerland
Swiss Air Rescue (Rega), Helicopterbase at Euroairport Basel, Switzerland
since 2011
Specialist Anesthesiology, University Hospital Dresden, Germany
Field of Research
Experimental and clinical evaluation of methods of mechanical ventilation
Mechanical ventilation and adjuvant therapies in acute lung injury
Mechanical ventilation in the peri- and postoperative setting
Treatment of acute lung injury, inter-hospital transfer of patients, patient recovery
Insurance of clinical trials
Database Software
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